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Services Offered

Crown Reduction

Reducing the tree size all over but retaining natural shape.

Used mainly when a tree gets too big. 


Crown Lifting

A removal of part or all branches that are too low to the ground.


Crown Thinning

A removal of crossing, weak or dead branches producing an even density and a better visual appeal with an overall reduction.



The removal of limbs and branches, felling by use of ropes to lower materials to the ground.

Useful when trees are close to buildings and branches overhang.



Removal of all limbs back to the main trunk, leaving only a skeletal shape.

(Not suitable for all trees) 



Refers to the removal of deadwood only.



Cutting back to almost ground level to allow regrowth.

(Not suitable for all trees) 


Stump Grinding

The removal of tree stumps with the aid of rotating cutting disks that chip away

at the wood.


Dangerous Tree Removal

Emergency call out to remove trees that have fallen or that are very close to falling.


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